Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stay Healthy During Holiday Season

Whether you're scheduled for a long road trip, shopping for a small army of friends and family members, wrapping dozens and dozens of gifts or camping out in the kitchen to get all your cooking complete, major holidays can easily put your body at risk of injury. Prolonged sitting, prolonged standing, extensive walking, awkward positions, overeating and plain old mental exhaustion are all common when the holiday season comes into full swing. Here are a few common sense tips to assist in keeping you healthy and pain-free this holiday season:

  • Traveling: bring water and small snacks to stay well hydrated and to keep your blood sugar levels stable, wear comfortable shoes and clothing, bring along a small blanket and travel pillow, bring all required travel documents as well as any maps or reservations for rental cars and hotels, be careful and obtain assistance when handling heavy/bulky luggage and gifts - use a push cart or dolly and obtain assistance whenever appropriate and/or possible

  • Shopping: bring water and small snacks to stay well hydrated and to keep your blood sugar stable, wear comfortable shoes and clothing, have your shopping day pre-planned in regards to locations to visit and gifts to purchase, use shopping carts when available and take gifts to your vehicle frequently rather than risking injury by lugging pounds of gifts from store to store, be careful and obtain assistance when handling heavy/bulky gifts

  • Cooking: maintain proper posture while at the counter/sink, alternate between sitting and standing positions, take frequent breaks, stretch often, careful when using knives and other sharp objects

  • Gift Wrapping: maintain proper posture, stretch frequently, be careful not to leave scissors or sharp cutting objects on the floor where they can be accidentally stepped on or where they can be accessed by small children or animals, be careful and obtain assistance when moving or wrapping larger or bulky gifts

  • Holiday Eats and Treats: do your best to avoid over indulgence of those holiday eats and treats, maintain activity levels to counter act all that holiday feasting, avoid driving when you've consumed those holiday spirits

  • Treat Your Body To A Holiday Gift: if you find those aches and pains creeping in or just want to be in tiptop shape this holiday season, stop by your chiropractor's office and treat your body to the most valuable gift of all... the gift of health!

Author: ChiroPlanet.com. Source: Dr. Neil MacKay, DC. Copyright: ProfessionalPlanets.com LLC 2006.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ergonomic Nutrition

Robert Silverman, D.C. says neither ergonomics nor nutrition can bring about the degree of optimal health that an educated "marriage" of the two offers - and he has the clinical outcomes to support his perspective. Dr. Silverman runs a private clinic in White Plains, N.Y., specializing in diagnosing joint pain and soft-tissue management.

Ergonomic Nutrition Basics
Dr. Silverman says that because everything in the body is connected, conditions cannot be treated with a single modality. "Ergonomics - including good posture and proper exercise - really only works well when we make sure the nutrients the body needs to build healthy tissue and repair damaged tissue are provided.

"If a patient practices incorrect ergonomics, we are going to see some breakdown in the body. An emphasis on nutrition helps us slow the resulting breakdown and degeneration

If an injury occurs, good nutrition allows us to build tissues and structures back from the inside out at a biochemical level."

by Carol Marleigh Kline, JACA Online editor