Monday, December 5, 2011

Ergonomic Nutrition

Robert Silverman, D.C. says neither ergonomics nor nutrition can bring about the degree of optimal health that an educated "marriage" of the two offers - and he has the clinical outcomes to support his perspective. Dr. Silverman runs a private clinic in White Plains, N.Y., specializing in diagnosing joint pain and soft-tissue management.

Ergonomic Nutrition Basics
Dr. Silverman says that because everything in the body is connected, conditions cannot be treated with a single modality. "Ergonomics - including good posture and proper exercise - really only works well when we make sure the nutrients the body needs to build healthy tissue and repair damaged tissue are provided.

"If a patient practices incorrect ergonomics, we are going to see some breakdown in the body. An emphasis on nutrition helps us slow the resulting breakdown and degeneration

If an injury occurs, good nutrition allows us to build tissues and structures back from the inside out at a biochemical level."

by Carol Marleigh Kline, JACA Online editor

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