Monday, September 26, 2011

Enjoy Byram Day on October 1, 2011

After rescheduling due to rain, we're looking forward to Byram Day this Saturday, October 1 from 12:00 to 5:00pm. Byram Day will be held at Neil Gylling Park, Mansfield Drive in Byram Township, NJ. Opening ceremonies will be at noon.

This year's theme is "Volunteers Build Our Community." Where applicable, Byram-based vendors (i.e. scouts, non-profits) have been asked to promote volunteerism in some way, as well as provide information about, and sign-up sheets for the volunteer opportunities available to community members.

Byram Day draws thousands of visitors each year. There will be carnival rides, pony rides, incredible food and plenty of shopping.

Optimal Family Chiropractic will have a tent on the field. We'll provide literature about chiropractic care and conduct non-invasive neck and foot scans. The scans are fun and show individuals if they have possible subluxations of the neck or imbalances of their feet. Dr. Brenda Rooney will be available to discuss the scans and talk about wellness.

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