Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spinal Link to Asthma

A report funded by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation suggests a link between chiropractic and the reduction of asthma symptoms.

According to Macquarie University researcher Dr. Ray Hayek, the study involved hundreds of people suffering with asthma symptoms.

"When an asthma sufferer is under the anxiety of a looming asthma attack, the levels of the hormone cortisol increase. This acute increase in cortisol through a number of mechanisms can bring on an asthma attack," says Dr. Hayek. "Levels of the stress hormone cortisol steadily decreased during the trial, and levels of immunological markers (immunoglobulin A) steadily rose."

Apparently, reducing stress to the nervous system with chiropractic care reduces the likelihood of asthma attacks. More proof that chiropractic care, because of its focus on the nervous system, may be helpful for improving a wide variety of health complaints.

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