Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time for a Media Fast?

Have you noticed changes in your children's personalities -- increased irritability, impatience, even hostility? Or have you seen these issues even in yourself?

Consider the amount of time you and your family spend ingesting the output of our major media: television, radio and printed materials. And if you believe as many do that the media is the source of many psychological ills, try a radical concept that's gaining popularity: go media-free for thirty or forty days.

It's now an established fact that TV watching leads to poor dietary habits, inactivity (and all the resulting health effects, even an increased risk of juvenile diabetes!), and a host of behavior ills, including a greater likelihood of teenaged viewers starting to smoke! Even other forms of media cause stress and anxiety.

Your kids will tell you they're bored at first, but boredom passes quickly and usually turns into creativity. Soon you'll find your family taking hikes, playing games and even engaging in conversation.

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