Monday, January 25, 2010

Governor Corzine Signs Bill Expanding Scope of Chiropractic Medicine into Law

The Association of New Jersey Chiropractors and all Doctors of Chiropractic in New Jersey are delighted that Governor Corzine signed an updated Scope of Practice into law on Monday, January 18. This law enables Doctors of Chiropractic to expand the scope of treatment and health care services that they can offer to patients in New Jersey. The prior scope of practice was last amended in 1953 leaving New Jersey chiropractors with one of the most restrictive statutes governing their scope of practice in the nation. The previous scope of practice also left chiropractors unable to fully incorporate their medical knowledge into practice; thereby limiting the extent of their therapeutic care.

This new Bill expands the scope of practice of chiropractic medicine beyond adjusting the articulations of the spinal column to include a person’s extremities. It covers the reduction of misalignment, as well as examination, diagnosis, assessment, adjustment and treatment of joints and soft tissue. Chiropractors can now also order and administer physical therapy and rehabilitative and strengthening exercises.

Chiropractic Physicians receive extensive medical training. This expanded scope allows them to use their extensive training to provide more treatment options to health care consumers in New Jersey.

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